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22-02-1988 founded by Melanie Bock (Vocals), Jörg Schrör (Guitar) & Michael Müller (Bass).

March 1988 Drums: Thorsten Jungmann. 2nd Guitar: Robbin Kortt.

March 1988 Drums: Kai Alexander Spiekermann

16-06-1988 Neu Wulmstorf, Baracke (+ Kilgore, Jehova, Jesse Hoyah)

24-06-1988 Harburg, FZ Nöldeckestraße (+ Salem's Lot, Anesthesia, Radiation Damage)

ca. September '88 Guitar: Klaus Florian 'Dirty' Möller (Ex-Anesthesia) replaced Robbin


The first fotosession in 1988: Jörg - Alex - Mela - Dirty - Michi

October 1988 Recordings: THE SIGN OF THE APE - Demo

  • this Tape sold about 550 copies.
  • Studio: Rockrooms Hamburg-Harburg
  • Songs: Exigency, Better to forget, Masquerade, Proud of what?
  • Engineer: Steven Dearmann Clark
  • Producer: Megace
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Dirty-G, Michi-B, Alex-Dr

17-12-1988 Lübeck, Alternative / Treibsand (+ Assassin)


22-04-1989 Hamburg, HDJ Struenseestraße (+ Final Prophecy, Anesthesia)

06-05-1989 Loshausen, Frantic (+ Damage Control)

Anfang 6/89 Drums: Rainer Behn (Ex-Kilgore) replaced Alex

09/10/11-06-1989 Recordings: AAARRG - Demo 1 (Unreleased), 24-Track

  • Recordings for Ralph Hubert /AAARRG Records, unreleased.
  • Studio:Phoenix - Studio, Bochum
  • Songs: Discord, Reflections, Something incomprehensible
  • Engineer: Jörg 'Humpty' Stegert
  • Producer: Jörg 'Humpty' Stegert, Ralph Hubert
  • Executive Producer: Ralf Hubert
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Dirty-G, Michi-B, Rainer-Dr

17-06-1989 Lübeck, Alternative / Open Air (+ Blind Guardian, Exumer, Jesse Hoyah, Asmodis)

29-07-1989 Recordings: HUMAN ERRORS - Demo (?) (Unreleased)

  • No special event for these "recordings", but therefore we had ugly detuned Guitars.
  • Studio: Rehearsalroom Palmerstraße (2 x 4-Track-Fostex)
  • Songs: Discord, Reflections, Repetitions of human errors, Something incomprehensible, J.M.D. (Jump my Darling)
  • Engineer: Ralf Seedorf
  • Producer: Megace
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Dirty-G, Michi-B, Rainer-Dr

28-10-1989 Lübeck, Alternative / Treibsand (+ Sliced Pimples (DK), Battlefield)

02-12-1989 Bremen, Freiraum (+ Secrecy)

11/12/13/14-12-1989 Recordings: AAARRG - Demo 2 (Unreleased), 24-Track

  • Again recordings for Ralph Hubert /AAARRG Records, unreleased.
  • Studio:Phoenix Studio, Bochum
  • Songs: Repetitions of Human Errors, Better to forget, Monofaces, Discord
  • Engineer: Freddie Platzek
  • Producer: Megace
  • Executive Producer: Ralph Hubert
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Dirty-G, Michi-B, Rainer-Dr

26-12-1989 Michael Müller is fired.


Febr. 1990 Bass: Christian 'Chriddle' Wulff (Ex - Drowning in Real (Guitar !!!))

16-06-1990 DDR - Sondershausen, Klubhaus der Werktätigen (+ Drowning in Real)

Juli 1990 Rainer leaves the Band


A look into the early ARSCHWEH Studio at our practise room: Rainer (front) - Kai (middle) - Chriddle (back) (Pic: Mela)

Juli/August 1990 Recordings: THIS IS THE NEWS - Demo

  • thisDemo has sold about 550 copies.
  • Studio: Arschweh - Studio Hamburg (Rehearsalroom Marienthalerstraße), 12-Track
  • Songs: Let me explain, Repetitions of human errors, Discord, Monofaces
  • Engineer: Kai Hansen
  • Producer: Kai Hansen, Megace
  • Executive Producer: Kai Hansen, Megace
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Dirty-G, Chriddle-B & (Rainer-Dr)

Oktober 1990 Drums: Carsten Schubert.

08-12-1990 Lübeck, Alternative (+ Blind Guardian)


01-02-1991 Husum, Alter Speicher (+ Drowning in Real, Nuclear Terror)

22-02-1991 Hamburg, Markthalle (+ Blind Guardian, Iced Earth)

13-04-1991 Wolfsburg, Kaschpazentrum (+ Urge & 'ner Ska-Band)

19-04-1991 Dortmund, Burn Out (+ Despair)

27-04-1991 Kiel, Hansastarße 48 (+ Emils, Anesthesia)


13-06-1991 Release CD-Compilation BROWN BOTTLES GO APE (500 Units), containing 'Let me explain' and 'Repetitions of human errors' (taken from the THIS IS THE NEWS - Demo)


Pressfoto for HUMAN ERRORS: Jörg - Mela - Carsten - Dirty - Chriddle

Juli 1991: 21 Days Recordings: HUMAN ERRORS - CD-LP-MC

  • 5500 copies sold ... well, we have about 100 left in stock.
  • Studio: Dust Music Studio, Hilchenbach, 16-Track
  • Songs: Something incomprehensible, Law enforcement agency, Repetitions of human errors, Let me explain, Save your dignity, No brain-no pain, Discord, Monofaces, Better to forget (CD / MC - Bonus Track)
  • Engineer: Michael Stötzel
  • Producer: Michael Stötzel, Shelko 'S.L. Coe' Topalovic, Megace
  • Executive Producer: 1MF Recordz
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Dirty-G, Chriddle-B, Carsten-Dr

26-08-1991 Release HUMAN ERRORS CD-LP-MC on 1MF Recordz, Distributor: Rough Trade

Okt. 1991 Release CD-Compilation PEACE-EATER VOL. 1 (RAVE MUSIC) containing 'Monofaces', taken from the HUMAN ERRORS Album.

18-10-1991 Lübeck, Alternative / Treibsand (+ Su Ta Gar (Baskenland))


Jörg - Mela - Carsten - Chriddle - Dirty (Pic: Roland Glunz)

27-11-1991 Hamburg, kleine Markthalle (+ Gypsy Kyss, Battlefield)


27-03-1992 Hamburg, kleine Markthalle (+ Torment, Malignant Epitaph)

01-05-1992 Reinbek, JUZ (+ Cosmic Ambience)

August 1992 Carsten and Dirty leave the Band (but play the following 2 Shows)

August 1992 Lübeck, Rider's Cafe (+ Anesthesia)

01-09-1992 Guitar: Stefan Speidel (Ex - Drowning in Real)

09-09-1992 Hamburg, Markthalle (+ Blind Guardian, Iced Earth)


End of 1992 / early 1993: Recordings 4-Track -> 8 Track (Fostex)

  • We didn't finda drummer for nearly 9 months, so we started these recordings, before we'd bore us to death. Unreleased.
  • Studio: Arschweh Studio Hamburg (Rehearsalroom Marienthalerstraße)
  • Songs: ...which have been predicted, Pseudo identity, Lost a part of it's function, Ciphers, Ciphers (a Version, on that Dirty played all the Guitars).
  • Engineer: Stefan Speidel, Jörg Schrör, Christian Wulff
  • Producer: Megace
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Stefan-G, Chriddle-B, DrumComputer-Dr & (Dirty-G)

April / Mai 1993 Drums: Stephan Gora (Ex - Nürnberger Prozeß)


2/3/4/5/6/7-01-1994 Recordings: PSEUDO IDENTITY - Demo, 24-Track

  • this Tape has sold about 350 copies (the times are getting harder...).
  • Studio: Hansen Studio Hamburg (Marienthalerstraße)
  • Songs: Industrial dictatorship, Cry, Conclusion, Pseudo identity
  • Engineer: Dirk Schlächter
  • Producer: Megace, Dirk Schlächter
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Stefan-G, Chriddle-B, Stephan-Dr

middle of Mai 1994 Stephan Gora leaves the Band (but plays the following 2 Shows)

28-05-1994 Hamburg, Logo (+ TTC, Desert Storm)

01-06-1994 Drums: Andreas Düwel

04-07-1994 Hamburg, Knust (+ Screaming Agony)

29-10-1994 Flensburg, Volksbad METAL WEEKEND (+ Versus Nature, Insisive)


03-02-1995 Reinbek, JUZ (+ Iron Age)

28-02-1995 Hamburg, Logo (+ Deterrent)

March/April 1995 Recordings: ALLES TRENDKACKE... Preproduction 1995 (4 Track, switched to 8 Track)

  • these recordings are unreleased and were only used to have an idea of the new songs.
  • Studio: Arschweh Studio Hamburg (Rehearsalroom Marienthalerstraße)
  • Songs: Instinct, Science, Faith; Schweißnaht; Inner war; Guilty; Abendbrot (3 Versions)
  • Engineer: Herr Speidel, Herr Schlächter, Herr Wulff, Herr Düwel, Frau Bock, Herr Schrör, Frau Taefi
  • Producer: Megace
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Stefan-G (2nd Bass on Guilty), Chriddle-B (2nd Vox on Schweißnaht), Andreas-Dr

Juli 1995 Release CD-Compilation PEACE-EATER VOL. 5 (RAVE MUSIC) containing 'Conclusion' !!! (on the Booklet you can read'Cry' as it what planned, but some idiots were too dumb to take the correct song), taken from the PSEUDO IDENTITY Demo.

15-09-1995 Schenefeld, High Noon (+ Vocation)

Dezember 1995 Recordings: X-Mas Pre-Production 1995

  • special recordings for a special label, but it wasn't 'sophisticated' enough...
  • Studio: Arschweh Studio Hamburg (Rehearsalroom Marienthalerstraße)
  • Songs: Inner war; Instinct Science Faith; Schweißnaht; Ciphers; Conclusion; Industrial dictatorship; Guilty; Cry; Conclusion (Reprise); ...which have been predicted; Pseudo identity
  • Engineer: Herr Speidel
  • Not produced (Instrumente Live, Vocals als Overdub)
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G (2nd Vox on Schweißnaht), Stefan-G (2nd Bass on Guilty), Chriddle-B, Andreas-Dr


06-01-1996 Reinbek, JUZ (+ Drowning In Real)

17-02-1996 Recordings: POLIZISTEN (Extrabreit - Coverversion)

  • 1 Song, 8-10 h incl. Mix
  • A friend of ours asked us to record one song for her education.
  • Studio: SAE Studio Hamburg
  • Song: Polizisten
  • Engineer: Tessa Taefi, Hannes Schulze-Althoff
  • Producer: Tessa Taefi, Hannes Schulze-Althoff, Megace
  • Mela & Chriddle-V, Jörg & Herr Speidel-G, Chriddle-B, Düwel-Mini Drums

Mitte April 1996: Recordings NEW TRACKS (4-Spur)

  • the remaining, not preproduced songs for the 2nd Album. Unreleased except KRCZANS SONG, a Birthday-Present-Song for a friend, recorded with a special Line-Up.
  • Studio: Arschweh Studio Hamburg (Proberaum Marienthalerstraße)
  • Songs: Two, Affengesicht, Synchronicity I (Police-Coverversion), Krczans Song (by ECAGEM - Joe-Vox, Dr. Beat-Rythm Guitar, Frau Bockk-Lead Guitar, Andreas Düwel-Bass, McSpy-Drums)
  • Engineer: Stefan Speidel
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Speidel-G, Chriddle-B & 2nd Vox on Synchronicity, Andreas Düwel-Dr

Since May: Recordings: EXUVIE (Working-Title), 2nd CD

  • We started these recordings without having a record-contract. We record in our sparetime AND when we have the possibility to borrow the equipment
  • Studio: Hansen Studio Hamburg, Arschweh Studio Hamburg
  • Songs: Inner War, Two, Rain, Guilty, Industrial Dictatorship, Cry, Ciphers, ...which have been predicted, Schweissnaht, Affengesicht, Instinct Science Faith, Conclusion (Reprise), Synchronicity I (Police - Coverversion)
  • Sound-Engineers: Dirk Schlächter, Tessa Taefi, Stefan Speidel
  • Recording-Engineers: Dirk Schlächter, Tessa Taefi, Megace
  • Producer: Dirk Schlächter, Megace
  • Executive Producer: Megace

14-06-1996 Georgsmarienhütte, Tor III (+ Deterrent, Pendikel)

15-06-1996 Reher, GURKENFEST (+ 9 more Bands)

14-08-1996 Recordings: RAIN

  • 1 Song, 10 h incl. Mix
  • again, a friend of ours asked us to record this untypical MEGACE song for her education.
  • Studio: SAE Studio Hamburg
  • Song: Rain (A variety of remixes exists: Original Version, Radio Edit, Maxi Version, Instrumental ...)
  • Engineer: Tessa Taefi
  • Producer: Tessa Taefi
  • Mela -V, Jörg -G, Chriddle-B, Düwel-Percussion, Unknown musicians on: Piano, Flute, Horn, Clarinet, Violin, Viola.

27-09-1996 Hamburg, Marx (+ Iron Age, Bad Influence)

07-12-1996 Bremen, Roadhouse (+ Blitzkrieg UK)


Still recording... What a painful Year!


Düwel - Speidel - Mela - Chriddle - Jörg (Pic: Amin Basri Gad Farah)

The end of 1997 saw the final Mixes of: Cry, Two, Instinct Science Faith, Affengesicht and Synchronicity I. Mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind, somewhere in September / October / November on Pro Tools in his mixing Studio in Hamburg. Inbetween he mixed down VENOMs "Cast in Stone" and after that he started recording with BLIND GUARDIAN...


26-01-1998 Release CD-Compilation UNBROKEN METAL containing 'CRY', taken from the not yet released EXUVIE-Sessions. This Version is planned to be something like "a final Rough Mix", because the Keyboards are missing. Let's wait and see what will finally be released on EXUVIE...

22-02-1998 Ten Years MEGACE!


Speidel - Chriddle - Jörg - Mela - Düwel (Pic: Amin Basri Gad Farah)

15-08-1998 Live at the STRANGE NOISE FESTIVAL in Dietzenbach, nearby Frankfurt / Main.


February 1999 Release CD-Compilation DEATHOPHOBIA Vol. 6 containing 'INNER WAR', the new chosen titletrack from the not yet released Recording-Sessions.

April 1999 Release CD-Compilation SYSYPHUS Vol. 5, coming with the PINK FLOYD & Art Rock Magazine ECLIPSE #26. It contains the Police-Coverversion Synchronicity I.

31-05-1999 Release INNER WAR CD on Angular Records, Distributor: SPV GmbH

 September 1999 Recordings: THE DOGS OF WAR (Pink Floyd Coverversion)

  • Studio: Arschweh Studio Hamburg
  • Engineer: Stefan Speidel
  • Producer: MEGACE
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G, Stefan-G, Chriddle-B, Düwel-Dr, Andreas Schröder-Keys

September 1999 Release CD Compilation MORBID NOIZZ 3/99 (Poland) containing 'Guilty', coming with the magazine MORBID NOIZZ 3/99.

November 1999 Release 3CD Compilation UNITED FORCES THE H.M. COMPILATION containing `Synchronicity 1« (This is a charity compilation for Hans Mappes, a german musician (Shyboy, Onkel Tom) who lost one leg during a motorbike accident).

December 1999 Release CD Compilation LÄRMBELÄSTIGUNG No. 7, coming with the magazine LÄRMBELÄSTIGUNG No. 7.

05-12-1999 Hamburg, Marx (+ Bonehouse)

  • Tracklist: Intro (Conclusion Reprise) - Cry, Inner Peace, Schweissnaht, Two, Inner War, ...which have been predicted, Synchronicity 1 (Police Cover), Industrial Dictatorship, Emptiness, Guilty, Instinct Science Faith, Killing thoughts, Affengesicht - Seelenfänger, Riot (Dead Kennedys Cover), Polizisten (Extrabreit Cover)
  • Funny note: Bonehouse played a Hardcore version of ãThe dogs of war that we just have recorded 3 months ago!


We started to practise 3 Motörhead cover tunes (Metropolis, Iron Fist, Sacrifice) for an old school Motörhead Tribute (to be released on Remedy Records, Hamburg). Fun!!!

April 2000 Recordings: THE MOTÖRGACE SESSIONS

  • Studio: Arschweh Studio Hamburg
  • Songs: Iron Fist, Metropolis, Sacrifice
  • Engineer: Stefan Speidel
  • Producer: MEGACE
  • Mela-V, Jörg-G (Vocals on Sacrifice, alternate Vocals on Iron Fist and Metropolis), Stefan-G, Chriddle-B, Düwel-Dr
  • Mastered by Dirk Schlächter at Hansen Studio Hamburg
  • Alternate Vocal version of Iron Fist mastered by Stefan Speidel with Steinberg Wavelab
  • Alternate Vocal version of Metroplis still unreleased