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Jörg Schrör - Christian Wulff - Mela Bock - Andreas Düwel - Stefan Speidel

(Pic: Amin Basri Gad Farah)

MEGACE (from Hamburg, Germany) was founded in the beginning of 1988. Within the same year, they recorded their first demo "THE SIGN OF THE APE". Until the release of the second demo "THIS IS THE NEWS" in 1990, they performed a great number of life-gigs. During this period, not only the line-up changed, but also the music shifted from straight thrash to a more experimental and facetted one.

The complete second demo and new material were published on their first Album "HUMAN ERRORS", which was released by 1MF-Records in 1991. Even in Japan the resonances have been positive.

Due to discrepancies with the recordcompany, MEGACE was forced to take a releasebreak until their lawyer was able to free them out of the contract in 1993. Meanwhile the drummer and one guitarplayer droped out of the band. They were replaced in summer 1993 and thus they prepared themselves for new recordings.

In January 1994, the third demo "PSEUDO IDENTITY" came into being. It was produced by Dirk Schlächter at Hansen-Studio, Hamburg.

Right now the band has released their 2nd Album INNER WAR on 31-05-1999.

The Drums have been recorded at the Hansen-Studio in Mai 1996, the rest at the bands own Arschweh-Studio. After the recordings started in '96, they were brought to an end in September 1997. Inbetween that long time they recorded at various times when it was possible, as they had to borrow the equipement from Kai Hansen and Dirk Schlächter and of course they needed their own stuff sometimes for the latest GAMMA RAY - Production... the songs were mixed down by CHARLIE BAUERFEIND.

The Album was released on ANGULAR RECORDS / SPV!