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Last Update: 22.11.2003


Mela, Criddle, Spy, Düwel and Olli could not use the name SAND LIQUID for their new band because some other bands with this name are allready existing ! Finally they found the new name STEP INTO LIQUID. The first gig is allready done. For more news check out their new homepage -> click >>HERE<<

Jörg is also working on new stuff with his new band. A link will be updated here soon !


Well, one year has passed since MEGACE split up... it is time to let you all finally know about that, as we still receive lots of mails, what's happening with us!

Jörg finally decided to leave the band after 13 years in September 2001. He was not satisfied with the musical style anymore and is going to do something more rocky and old style - this was already expected by the rest of the band. No personal problems or whatever, only the wish to play a different type of music. Jörg is playing with a Motörhead Cover band called NÖ CLASS these days and working on his own project now.

Mela, Chriddle, Andreas and Stefan are still playing together. The new second guitar players name is Oliver Raddatz, a long time MEGACE fan, who was not only Jörgs suggestions for his replacement, but also the first choice of the remaining members. This line-up just decided to go on under the banner of SAND LIQUID. Watch for them, great music should come out of their strange minds like usual :)

So, what is happening to the last songs that MEGACE wrote? Drums, Bass and one guitar is already recorded, when Jörg finds some extra minutes he will lay down his guitar tracks, too. AFter that the vocals will be recorded, the songs will be mixed down and released here for free downlaod as MP3 files. This might take another 6 months, but we'll announce it somehow and let you know!

Thanx a lot for all the support you gave us during the years. There are real fans out there, some people must have bought the albums...


We're gonna play another show this year ... unbelievable!

MEGACE & VANISHING POINT (Australia) - Live at the Marx, Hamburg on August 13th.

Tickets: advance DM 12.- / door DM 15.-

Today "MOTÖRMORPHÖSIS - A tribute to Motörhead Part 1" is released on Remedy Records ( We contribute with SACRIFICE, "sung" by Jörg. Cool version! The IRON FIST / METROPOLIS double song will be featured on Part 2, which is scheduled to be released later this year.


Wow, it's been a long, long time since the last update. I hope that someone still cares about these news...

MEGACE play the HEADBANGERS BALLROOM in HAMBURG on 11.05.2001 together with STONE COLD BLACK from Hamburg. Go there and enjoy the show, as MEGACE shows are very rare...


New Gamma Ray Tourdiary added, this time the german version of the Mexico tourdiary. Enjoy it!


New Gamma Ray Tourdiary added. Jörgs adventures with the band in Mexico City in May 2000, where he shared the bassplayer position with Kais guitartech Piesel, as original bassplayer Dirk Schlächter was unable to fly in because of his knee accident.


Due to several reasons I had no time to update this site. But now it's back and hopefully a bit faster. There are updates in the DISCOGRAPHY and the FACTS sections. I'll add some new tourdiarys to my personal section the next days. Funny things happened on the road with Gamma Ray.

Finally the PINK FLOYD Trinute SIGNS OF LIFE was released on Angular Records. Excellent peace, check it out, not only because of the exclusive track we recorded for this double CD.

The last issue of UNBROKEN METAL MAG contained a vinyl 7" (limited to 300 copies) where we took part with a special version of Motörheads IRON FIST, where the first time in Megaces history Jörg took the lead vocals. The normal version with Melas vocals will be on the tribute that will be released on Remedy Records somewhere in time...

Cheers, Jörg


This site was down for 2 days, caused by a provider change. But now it is back...

 We started to record 3 Motörhead cover tunes for a Motörhead tribute CD. We already finished drums, bass and the first guitar for IRON FIST - METROPOLIS and SACRIFICE. This is real fun, as we are having an eye to keep everything extremely rough and rocking. The tribute will be released on REMEDY RECORDS by Torment frontman Jörn Rüter - one of the biggest Motörhead fans in the world. The release is scheduled for somewhere in summer 2000.

We are still waiting for the Pink Floyd tribute that is waiting for it«s release these days!


FACTS and DISCOGRAPY were updated with the last Compilation releases and some pics.

The PINK FLOYD Tribute release is scheduled for March 2000. Watch out!

The METAL WARRIORS Video magazine from Australia will be released, soon and will contain an interview and live footage with Megace.


SPV (the distributor of `Inner War«) is doing a bad bad job. They don«t care if our CD is in the record stores. They don«t really answer any requests that we or Angular Records have. We«ve found 1 (one) copy in Hamburg in December! If you«re still searching for it or if you have never seen it in your store please contact us!


Some pics were added to Melas site, 1 to Chriddles site, the first of a lot to the Facts page.


MEGACE plays live at the Marx, Hamburg on Sunday, December 5th, 1999.

MP3 - Soundfiles added. You can take a listen to cuts from most of the songs from INNER WAR. The titletrack can be found in a full length version on Enjoy it and buy the album if you like it!!!

We recorded a PINK FLOYD Coverversion which will be released on a PINK FLOYD Tribute album in winter `99. We«ve chosen ãThe dogs of warä from ãA momentary lapse of reasonä. The mixing will be done by Dirk Schlächter from Gamma Ray and we had a guest musician (Andreas Schröder on Keyboards).


Two new Interviews added to the Interview Section, one with METAL INVADERS from Greece, the other one with METAL MAIDENS from the Netherlands. See some pix from STEFAN SPEIDEL, our famous French Fries Killer.


Receiving eMails about our Merchandise I realised that I forgot to add the Merchandise Section, here it is! Also the Interview with MOSHPIT Magazine is added now to the Interview Section.


Melas personal Page is included now. I added some Pics to my personal Site, showing me and some Rockstars...


Mini Versions of the Covers of all our Releases including all Compilations are added to the Discocraphy.


We have our own domain and have moved again: !!!


Read an MEGACE Interview on SPIN CITY MAGAZINE Belgium at or find it here in the new added Interview Section!


INNER WAR is released, I saw it myself in a shop! Fine, the waiting is finally over. Go out and buy it!


INNER WAR will be released on 31st of May 1999 through Angular Records / SPV in Germany. Look out for other release schedules, in some countries it might be a week earlier!


The new Guestbook is added - use it!!!


We have moved! The news will only be updated on the Hanse-Net server. The New Address is

Well, you're finally here now...


Finally finally finally everything has changed: the distributor SEMAPHORE went bankropt and so UNDER SIEGE RECORDS had to stop releasing new albums...

After Charlie had mixed the rest of the songs, we started to send our material to several Record Companys and got a least a new deal with ANGULAR RECORDS, distributed through SPV GmbH.

The name of the album was changed to INNER WAR and will be released in Spring 1999 (somewhat in May). It will contain the following Songs:

Cry, Schweissnaht, Two, Inner War, Ciphers, Synchronicity I (Police-Coverversion), Conclusion (Reprise), Industrial Dictatorship, Guilty, First-Take-Ponka-Song, Instinct Science Faith, Affengesicht, ...which have been predicted, Rain, Hauke rocks (Hidden Bonus Track).

This is how the Album Cover looks like:



The Line-Up is still the same and we have of course started to write new material.

That's how we look at the moment:


Jörg Schrör - Christian Wulff - Mela Bock - Andreas Düwel - Stefan Speidel

January 1999

Our Logo was designed new, see it on top of this page!


We played a nice Show on the STRANGE NOISE FESTIVAL in Dietzenbach, nearby Frankfurt/Main in the glowing sun.


Again everything was designed new. I hope that makes it easier to handle this page... Charlie Bauerfeind has finished his work with BLIND GUARDIAN and will mix down the last songs in the beginning of may! The release seems to become true.

The new material seems to become a little bit different. Let us wait and see what will come.


TEN YEARS MEGACE - and still no Rockstars...


Right now we have finishedÊthe work on the recordings for our 2nd Album. The Drums have been recorded at the Hansen-Studio in Mai 1996, the rest at our own Arschweh-Studio. After the recordings started in '96, they were brought to an end in September 1997. Inbetween that long time we recorded at various times when it was possible, as we had to borrow the equipement from Kai Hansen and Dirk Schlächter and of course they needed their own stuff sometimes for the latest GAMMA RAY - Production...

Anyway, the first songs have been mixed down now by CHARLIE BAUERFEIND and the rest of them will be finished when he finds some time during his actual work with BLIND GUARDIAN.

The Album will be titled EXUVIE and the release seems to take place in March 1998 on UNDER SIEGE RECORDS (Sieges Even, Dimple Minds).


The recordings are finally finished, we're in the Mixing-Process now. The Album is mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind (Sieges Even, Gamma Ray, ...), the first Samples will be found here soon!


Offener Kanal HAMBURG. "UNGEBROCHEN" #24 presents MEGACE Live in Bremen, Roadhouse 01-12-96. Watch it on 19.05.97 at 19:00 or 20.05.97 at 15:00!!! Available only in Hamburg via Kabel or Antenna!!!

The New CD: All the Basics are finally finished (except RAIN, where we still need a Piano-Player with a Piano and NOTHING is ready) and the Vocals are ready with nearly 70%. Some Leads, Overdubs and Choir Vocals are still missing, but we may finish the recordings 'til the end of June.


The Show on 14-05-97is canceled by ANESTHESIA. SORRY, it is not our decision, but it was their Gig and they decided to play only once that month in Hamburg, as their CD Release Show is on the 23rd at the LOGO.

Today we have the chance to add a Vocal Track as we'll get a Recording-Machine again.


Dirk made a copy of the broken Tape and nothing is destroyed. Unbelievable!

20-03-97 (18:30)

Next MEGACE Live Show: 14-05-1997 at the Tonwerk, Hamburg together with ANESTHESIA.

20-03-97 (16:00)

I designed nearly all MEGACE Sites new, added theMerchandise-Pageand also this News-Page. Tomorrow we'll record again, although we don't know what happened on the 16th.


That bloody borrowed ADAT machine ate a tape right before the recording of the last Clean-Guitar-Cuts by McSpy for "Ciphers". Let us prrrrraaayyyy....


We're finally progressing the work on the new Album. The last recording was done in the beginning of december 1996 (except one day in January, where the recording machine broke down). We've recorded every evening since the 9th, as we could borrow a recording machine again. Today we started and finished the recordings for the Lead-Vocals of Ê"Schwei§naht".