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1) Can you tell me the differences between "Inner war" and "Human errors"?

There are a lot of differences: of course the songs are a lot better, the production is much better and the feeling in the band is not comparable to the days of Human Errors. Recording Human Errors we had a bad time in the band, it seems that we all didn't work for the same thing. We have a new drummer and also a new second guitar player, they brought the right influences for the new songs! This time we all knew what we wanted and worked straight for the release of the album. We knew this time how we wanted to sound and what kind of feelings we wanted to get while we were recording the songs.

2) There are not so many prog thrash bands nowadays. Why did you do this kind of "uncommercial" record?

This music comes out of our hearts and is nothing where we sit down and think how to write an uncommercial song. We could write True Metal Songs, a style that we like also, but the feelings we would have would not be true. So when we are writing songs, this is what comes out naturally. We like fast music, we like progressive music, this is the way we feel.

3) Why did you choose to have female vocals which is rather unusual?

Mela is an original member of the band, we formed the band because we liked her singing and because we were unhappy in our former bands. We thought this is something worth to work for. We did not think about getting a female singer because this is something special, it just happened.

4) How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard you? Which are your main influences?

Take the basic influences from Thrash Metal and also those from Progressive Metal, put it into a mixer, add some great emotional but also very aggressive female vocals, this is what Megace sounds like. One of our main influences in the beginning was Voivod, but we also liked Bands like Mekong Delta and the old Bay Area Thrashbands. Our first Dem Tape "The sign of the Ape" sounded a lot like these Bay Area Bands.

5) What happened during the years of your absence?

We worked all the time on new material, released a Demo Tape and we had big problems with some old members, because they wanted to play a different style of music. It was really hard to find the right people who have the ability and the will to play our style of music and also are nice people. It costed us about 2 years, to get out of the contract with our former record label, this was a very hard time for us. After that we had to split from Dirty (guitar) and Carsten (drums) and then we were searching for the right direction where we wanted to go. Then we started with the recordings for Inner War already in 1996!

6) Why did you choose to have Dirk Schlächter and Charlie Bauerfeind as producers, people who are mostly known for thier power metal works?

We know Gamma Ray for many years now, they started to play in our practise room and their studio is 3 meters from our room. Then I started to work for Gamma Ray as guitar technician, what I still do. So it was obvious to ask them for help and Kai and Dirk really helped us a lot. It was originally planed, that Dirk would also do the mixing of Inner War, but as he had not enough time due to his work with Gamma Ray, he asked Charlie Bauerfeind to do this job for us. We knew Charlie before, of course of his work for Gamma Ray, and he listened to our recordings before and he said that he would like to do the mix of maybe one or two songs, so then he had the possibility to do everything. Charlie is a very good producer and at least a very fine guy - we would never work with assholes again, like we had to before - and I think he did an excellent job on our material. One of Charlies mainbands is Sieges Even from Munich, unbelievable great musicians and a fantastic Band. He works a lot for Power Metal Bands, but he is very familiar with progressive music, so he was perfect for us. And why should we say "no", if someone like Charlie comes and asks us, if he could work for us?

7) What do the lyrics talk about?

The lyrics talk mainly about human behavior and all of their components. Mela writes lyrics about people she knows or that she imagines. For example the german song Affengesicht (Apeface or Monkeyface in english) is about people who put the worth of their material ownings over their human abilities. You know these guys who believe that they are great because they have a lot of money but indeed they are only a bunch of assholes. Rain is about someone who had a lot of dreams but becomes very disappointed. Stuff that could happen to everyone and people that everybody knows.

8) Why do you have german lyrics in some songs?

Mela had problems to find the right idea for these songs, and we were joking in our rehearsal room with the german word Schweissnaht (welding seam), which you can speak very hard and also very funny, and said to her this should be the title of the song. Well, it was a joke and then we forgot about that, but she wrote the lyrics and then we really liked it. For Affengesicht it was the same, so I came up with the first words and she finished it. German lyrics sound very heavy, and it is also a different style to sing. We liked this a lot and so we decided to take some german lyrics. We already have one new song with german lyrics, which is a Punk song this time, but all the rest of the songs are in english. When it fits we take it.

9) What does the snail in the front cover symbolise?

The snail is that slow that it is already stabed and killed by the growing mushrooms. This is a symbol for what could happen to you, when you feel like paralysed because you fight your Inner War and don't know what to do. Be faster and decide what you really want!

10) Why did you choose to cover "Synchronicity"?

We played "Into the crypts of Rays" in the beginning of Megace, some german punk songs inbetween and then we were talking about doing another covertune for playing live. As we all are big The Police-Fans since years we tried this one out. We liked it that much, that we wanted to put it on the album. That's it! Right now we play "Riot" by the Dead Kennedys, I'm sure that we are going to record this one for the next album.

11) Give an end to the interview.

As I have been to Greece twice with Gamma Ray and all around the world with Gamma Ray and Hammerfall, I know that the greek Fans are definitely the best and most enthusiastic in the world, so I would love to play in Greece with Megace. If anyone of you would ever have the possibilty to bring us to your country, please do it. To see greek Fans going wild on our songs must be fantastic. Please check out Inner war at your local record store. Listen to it more than once, because after you get more familiar with our material, you can relly freak out on it. Thanks a lot for the Interview, see you at least on the next Gamma Ray Tour!